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Thrive Therapy with Tori Southerland

thrive therapy

Meet Tori Southerland, M.S., OTR/L! Mama and career woman, Tori is the owner and primary Occupational Therapist at Thrive Therapy. Located in Charlotte, NC, Thrive Therapy specializes in early childhood development, sensory processing and motor coordination skills. Tori has over ten years of pediatric clinical experience and her list of specialties is impressive, including but not limited to; Sensory Integration, SOS feeding therapy approach, Yoga for Kids, Fine Motor Development, Handwriting Without Tears, and more!

Thrive Therapy is an amazing resource for moms in the Charlotte area. With multiple occupational therapist and assistants, Thrive Therapy is able to cover a wide range of skills, specialities, and areas. Most importantly, Thrive Therapy collaborates with local schools which creates a circle of care for this child. Thrive Therapy's relationships with theses schools allows for children to be evaluated in a comfortable, familiar setting AND everyone can be on board with the child's treatment plan. The goal is to partner with parents, schools and other medical professionals to ensure the best results.

To further promote school based OT care, Thrive Therapy offers teachers in-services and workshops to educate members with techniques and strategies to support age appropriate skills in the classroom. Children spend so much of their time in school, it is important that their teachers and school are on board with fostering their uniqueness. Thrive Therapy can be covered by your insurance, and they will take care of getting that figured out for you!

If you are not local to the Charlotte area but are still interested in what Thrive Therapy has to offer, check out their Instagram! Tori shares an immense amount of OT education through her social media. Through her campsite link, Tori shares her recommended OT products on amazon, as well as a mom hub for support. Without having an appt with this group in person, you can still gain from the knowledge and support that they share.

With occupation therapy, early evaluation is key. If you think you may be in need of Thrive Therapy's services, reach out! All information will be below. Keep following Fiorente by Zane for more mama resources!

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