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Dr. Siggie is making You Parenting Journey Simplified

Dr. Siggie

Are you a mother seeking effective parenting solutions to strengthen the bond with your child and simplify your parenting experience? Look no further! Allow me to introduce you to Dr. Siggie's Mom-Owned Business: Your Parenting Journey Simplified. Meet Dr. Siggie: a Child Development Specialist with more than three decades of experience assisting children and families. Being a mother of three boys, Dr. Siggie understands the joys and difficulties of parenthood. Her mission and commitment revolve around empowering families to thrive by offering practical and user-friendly tools and strategies.

Free Resources for All Moms:

Parenting can be both challenging and rewarding. To make your journey simpler, Dr. Siggie offers a range of free resources to support you:

  1. Parenting Toolbox: Every parent needs a toolbox! Get answers to commonly asked parenting questions, tips for staying calm, setting boundaries, and strengthening your connection with your child.

  2. Talking to Your Kids about Diversity & Inclusion: Fostering acceptance and understanding differences are crucial lessons for kids of all ages. Download this resource for practical tips and scripts to facilitate conversations about diversity at home.

  3. 3 Steps to Managing Separation Anxiety: If your child is experiencing separation anxiety, this resource provides precise strategies to emotionally support and empower them through this phase.

The EBP Parenting Method:

Dr. Siggie's signature approach, the Emotional/Behavioral Proficiency Method (EBP), is designed to help you navigate parenting challenges effectively. The EBP Method is rooted in over three decades of experience working with families and her own motherhood journey. With this method, you'll learn to understand and respond to your child's behaviors and emotions in a holistic way.

Parenting Courses for Your Child's Developmental Stages:

Dr. Siggie offers parenting courses tailored to various developmental stages, ensuring you have the right tools at every step of your parenting journey. Here are some of our most popular courses:

  1. The Everything Toddler Course (Ages 1-3): From tantrums to potty training, this course equips you with real tools for managing the toddler stage successfully.

  2. The Everything 3 to 7 Course: Ideal for parents with kids aged 3 to 7, this course addresses outbursts, discipline, whining, sleep issues, and more.

  3. The Potty Training Guide: Potty training can be stressful, but not with our proven techniques! Learn how to potty train your child confidently and without power struggles.

  4. Courses for Older Kids (Ages 8 to Teens): Coming soon! Sign up for our waiting list to be the first to know when these courses are available.

Follow Dr. Siggie on social media for daily parenting tips and insights! Connect with other moms on their parenting journeys. Parenting is an incredible journey, and with Dr. Siggie's expertise and practical solutions, you can be the calm, confident parent you want to be. Check out all information below and keep following Fiorente by Zane for more mama resources!

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