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  • What does Fiorente mean?
    Fiorente is the Italian word for bloom, grow, flourish. I chose this word for our brand because I think back to when I first started this journey into motherhood and how much I have grown. Yes I am Italian. But more importantly, I was in Italy newly pregnant with my first baby when the realization of being a mother started to sink in. And from there happened growth, blossoming, flourishing. Fiorente.
  • How long does shipping take?
    Our shipping time ranges from 2-5 days depending on your distance from our shipping location, most commonly 2 days. We will ship out your product within 24 hours of ordering. Tracking information will be sent accordingly. Click for more information on our shipping policy.
  • Do you accept returns?
    We accept returns within 14 days of the item being delivered. Items have to be whole, meaning tags intact. If the item is damaged, please notify us right away. Please see our returns page for more information.
  • What are your payment options?
    We currently accept most credit cards. The options for payment are posted below.
  • Do you have a storefront?
    We do not have a storefront. Being a mom is my priority, business owner is second. I believe being fully online allows me to spend the most time raising my children as opposed to traveling to a store. Not putting down any mama storefront owners! I just do not see myself living that way in this stage of motherhood. I also do not live in an area where I believe a storefront would be as accessible or successful.
  • What is on your blog?
    For our blog, we have focused on supporting moms through their journey. We have made it full circle, sharing mom owned businesses that offer resources for other moms. It was important to us to create a space that supports success, but also supports the need for help as a mother. We have everything from legal support to dietary needs. Go check it out!
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