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The Practical Child, founded by Sally Hills-Davis.

The practical child

Meet Sally Hills-Davis, the warm-hearted and highly experienced certified Occupational Therapist behind The Practical Child. With over a decade of expertise working with children, and four children of her own, Sally has honed her skills in child development and is dedicated to supporting parents and caregivers through all types of developmental challenges. Her passion lies in ensuring every child's well-being and their ability to participate in various activities that bring them joy and fulfillment. Sally's impressive qualifications include completing the Bobath Foundation course, specializing in Neuro-Development Treatment and Allied Neurological Conditions. Additionally, she has undertaken the course on Early Assessment and Intervention with babies and young children, showcasing her commitment to staying at the forefront of her field.

As parents, we often seek reliable resources and support to navigate the complexities of raising our children. That's where The Practical Child comes in – a mom-owned business dedicated to empowering parents with valuable services and resources. From parenting advice to child development resources, you can trust that each recommendation comes from someone who genuinely cares about the well-being and growth of your child.

Understanding a child's developmental milestones is crucial for providing appropriate support and encouragement. The Practical Child offers a range of child development resources, including age-specific guides and informative blog posts. These resources enable parents to track their child's progress, identify potential areas of concern, and make informed decisions about their development.

In addition to the wealth of knowledge and resources, "The Practical Child" also offers The Read, Do, Develop book series is a collection of bright and engaging picture books designed for children 2-7 years. Available on Bloss and Amazon for purchase, you can watch a video on The Practical Child website to learn more!

The Practical Child is more than just a business; it's a heartfelt endeavor driven by a mom's passion for helping parents thrive in their parenting journey. From informative blog posts to valuable child development resources, this mom-owned business is a beacon of support and guidance for moms and dads worldwide. Through the genuine care and expertise poured into each service, The Practical Child is making a positive impact on the lives of families, one practical step at a time.

So, if you're a parent seeking to embrace the challenges of parenthood with confidence and love, let The Practical Child be your trusted companion on this beautiful adventure. Visit their website today and discover the wealth of resources and services that await you, all information below. Keep following Fiorente by Zane for more mama resources!

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