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Sarah Richards is The Baby Movement Coach

the baby movement coach

Dr. Sarah Richards, PT, DPT is a wife, mother, and pediatric physical therapist located in Middletown, Delaware. Sarah started her company, The Baby Movement Coach, after becoming a mother herself and seeing the need to help prevent developmental delays in children instead of the typical reactive approach.

With Sarah's expertise in early intervention services and home-health pediatric care, The Baby Movement Coach is an excellent resource for moms who are concerned or questioning their baby's gross motor skills. Does you baby hate tummy time? Not trading objects between hands? Why does my baby favor looking one way? So many questions that as new moms we don't have the answers to, but Sarah does!

The Baby Movement Coach's educational framework is through online resources, individualized virtual sessions, virtual tummy time classes, and play-groups. With the multiple group classes offered, there are options to drop in or book a "class pass", allowing you and your baby to attend multiple sessions. There is an extensive developmental guide for purchase on her website as well!

In addition to the virtual support avenues and play groups, Sarah started doing in-home tummy time and milestone support! For those that would prefer to stay in your own environment or do not learn as well virtually, this is a great option! There are many options to choose from within these categories to make sure your baby gets the the motor development support they need from the very beginning.

For free, but helpful information, seek out The Baby Movement Coach's website for downloadable resources and blog posts. As a physical therapist, Sarah also shares her recommended baby products, some with a discounted code! Sarah's instagram for her company is also a great resource of shared information. All information for Sarah's The Baby Movement Coach brand will be posted below! Keep following Fiorente by Zane for more mama resources!

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