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Alyssa Campbell, founder of Seed & Sew

seed & sew

Say hi to Alyssa! Teacher, parent, and an emotional development expert! Alyssa has a masters degree in early childhood education and co-created the Collaborative Emotion Processing method. Her company Seed & Sew is a support platform with the desire to help parents raise emotionally intelligent humans.

Seed & Sew has numerous avenues of support for parents wanting to change how they experience their children's emotions. There are sleep classes, reparenting classes, and many others on children's emotional health. Grab the bundle to get the most out of the program! If you are looking for easy downloads, Alyssa offers free guides and resources. My favorite being the regulation quiz, which has helped give me strategies to calm my child based on his needs. There is SO much education on this site, and it is so welcoming and necessary.

Among all the resources Alyssa has created for parents, she is also helping bring her expertise into the community through the S.E.E.D program. The Schools Excelling in Emotional Development Certification® is a research based, comprehensive program supporting the social emotional health and mental wellness of kids in early childhood through the education system. It starts at home. But with children spending so much time in school, it is equally important that their learning environment is also able to support them emotionally. You can search for SEED certified schools on her website, or connect with Alyssa if you're trying to get your child's school certified.

Peek at the shop on the Seed & Sew site that offers their own support products, as well as products they recommend that go along with their classes. DON'T forget to subscribe for more information on Alyssa's book, Tiny Humans Big Emotions. Learn how to foster your children's big emotions and behaviors! Being released this fall, you can preorder now!

Check out the "It takes a Village Blog". Perfect for us moms with limited time, you can listen through their Podcast! If you are interested in being a guest, reach out! Alyssa continues to share her expertise on her instagram and facebook pages. If you would like to get her insight in person, check out any of her speaking events!

Alyssa is striving to make the world a better place through the way we respond and treat our children. She makes fostering our children's emotional wellness accessible and easy. "The future is emotionally intelligent with Seed & Sew." What an amazing resource for moms! We will share important links below! Keep following for more mama resources!

In the Moment Guide: Tools for responding to the big emotions from our kids. Activities for Kids Regulation: Giving children the power of regulation through guided activities. “Voices of Your Village” Podcast Top 5 Most Streamed Episodes

seed & sew

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