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Milestones At Play Physical Therapy & Wellness: Founder, Dr. Amie Doughtery.

milestones at play

Meet Amie! Wife, Mama to one little boy and two fur babies. Dr. Aime PT, DPT, has her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy! Dr. Amie is a certified Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) provider and is skilled with neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT). Look at all those letters! Go mama.

Aime's passion for helping others goes beyond her business. Aime grew up with a sibling with autism, volunteered and coached for the special olympics, spent a decade in pediatric home health, and has a son in therapies. With the experience of helping others with special needs, she noticed the faults in the care system for pediatric physical therapy patients. No furthermore, Milestones at Play Physical Therapy and Wellness was born!

Milestones at Play Physical Therapy and Wellness provides individualized physical therapy through play and wellness without limitations. Each family and child is unique and their care is centered around that uniqueness. Aime follows different models of care that can be chosen by the family to meet their needs. For example, the concierge model allows private pay pediatric physical therapy and wellness in a setting that best suits that family, with direct support from Aime without being at an in person session.

Milestones at Play believes in earlier, easier access to physical therapy needs for children. Dr. Aime's approach to PT helps empower parents with education and the tools needed to help their child's gross motor skills. This business is an awesome resources for moms looking to bridge the gap between their child needing support, and access to the traditional medical model.

Milestones at Play is based out of Dallas, Texas. But Aime offers many different approaches in your are not local to that area. If you local, you can opt for an "in-home" session which is a location of your choice, or you could check out the social and play groups locally offered. If you are not local, or do not want to do in person, Dr. Aime also offers virtual visits and concierge support via email or phone.

Visit their blog and social accounts for free, supportive information. Including checklists tailored to your baby's age, so helpful! If earlier intervention for your child is something you may be interested in, check out Milestones at Play's website to see if it is the right fit for you! We all want to see our children succeed and get them the help they need ASAP. And Dr. Aime helps do just that, what an excellent resource for moms!

Links and information below for Milestones at Play Physical Therapy and Wellness. Keep following us, Fiorente by Zane, for more mama resources!

Monday to Friday 9AM - 3PM

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