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Lo Mansfield, The Labor Mama

Lo is the ultimate "mom supporting moms". She is a also a wife and registered nurse. Her career background in labor & delivery, postpartum and newborn care, is what makes her so unique in supporting other moms. Lo not only has her masters degree in nursing, but carries specialty certifications in obstetrics and electronic fetal monitoring. You go boss mama.

Take all of these experiences and education and what do you get? THE LABOR MAMA. Life happened and Lo had to make the choice to leave bedside nursing. She still yearned to be able to support moms in the childbearing period. So, she created The Labor Mama and its courses to help prepare mamas for their newest arrival.

TLM offers a full childbirth education course, as well as mini courses in induction and VBACs. These courses are inclusive of education materials such as decision-making tools, questions to ask, what the process may be like, medications that can be used, etc. She also has courses coming soon in twins and c-sections! These courses are meant to be purchased at anytime the in prenatal period. Lo's educational materials contain information that goes beyond the hospital/birth setting.

I personally worked as a NICU nurse for almost 7 years and was often in the delivery room. I felt like I had enough medical knowledge to make informed decisions when it was time for me to be in labor. My births were not easy. And honestly, I didn't always know what the h*ll was going on. I could have used Lo. My husband who had no idea what was going on the entire time, he could have most definitely benefitted from Lo's courses. Giving birth is a whirlwind, there is great benefit in being as prepared as possible. Just a little maternal child RN tidbit of advice, it does not always go as planned. *Preparedness* :)

Give yourself the gift of preparedness and being able to, hopefully, dance into that labor and delivery room with confidence. Lo's courses give you the benefit of being able to know what is going on and empowering you to make decisions for yourself and your baby. TLM's website includes fun things about Lo, and some solid information on the benefits of childbirth education. Check out the shop section for a downloadable guide for an unmedicated birth, or grab some of Lo's favorite mama items. If you are feeling anxious about your baby's arrival or enjoy feeling prepared, check out Lo, The Labor Mama. Info below!

Lo Mansfield: The Labor Mama

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