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Be Well Baby PDX by Emily Knell Spaeth

be well baby pdx

Be Well Baby PDX was founded by Emily, mama of 2, passionate and highly trained expert in prenatal and postpartum care. Be Well Baby PDX offers a range of services designed to empower mothers and families throughout their parenthood journey. Let's dive into the world of Be Well Baby PDX and explore the exceptional care they provide.

Be Well Baby PDX is maybe the third baby of Emily, a dedicated professional with a strong background in physical therapy and lactation consulting. Emily's journey into this field began with a deep-rooted desire to help mothers and their babies achieve optimal health and well-being during the prenatal and postpartum phases. With a genuine passion for empowering families and extensive training in various modalities, she established Be Well Baby PDX to cater to the unique needs of mothers and infants.

Prenatal & Postpartum Physical Therapy: Emily understands that every mother's journey is unique, which is why she offers flexible and personalized treatment plans. From pre-conception pelvic floor physical therapy to addressing specific pelvic floor pain and dysfunction, Emily's expertise in Holistic Pelvic Care (TM) allows her to provide comprehensive care. Additionally, for those looking to address lingering issues from past birth experiences, her postpartum physical therapy sessions are a perfect fit.

Neuromotor Development & Infant Massage: Early developmental support is crucial for a baby's growth. Emily's watchful eye and expertise in infant development enable her to guide parents in positioning during feeding, play, and essential tummy time. Moreover, her neuro-developmentally appropriate infant massage techniques help parents create a loving and nurturing bond with their little ones.

Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga: Recognizing the importance of mind-body wellness, Emily offers tailored prenatal and postpartum yoga for birthing bodies. Whether it's preparing the body before conception, nurturing the body during pregnancy, or aiding postpartum healing, her one-on-one sessions or small group classes cater to individual needs. For those in Portland, Oregon, in-person sessions are available, while remote sessions via Zoom ensure accessibility for others.

Lactation Support: As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Emily provides invaluable education and support to breastfeeding and chestfeeding families. From pregnancy through any breastfeeding-related complications, her guidance helps parents navigate this beautiful yet sometimes challenging journey.

Be Well Baby PDX is more than just a business; it's a nurturing space where mothers and infants receive expert care and support. Emily's extensive training, combined with her own experiences as a mother, makes her services invaluable to those on their parenthood journey. Through physical therapy, infant massage, yoga, and lactation support, Be Well Baby PDX empowers families, ensuring that the path to parenthood is filled with joy, confidence, and well-being.

If you're a mother-to-be or a new mom in need of holistic care and support, Be Well Baby PDX is just a call away. To learn more about their services and schedule a free consultation, visit their website or reach out to them at the provided contact information. Keep following Fiorente by Zane for more mama resources!

Text 503-893-8310 to schedule a free 15 minute consult.

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