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Hey Sleepy Baby Founded by Rachael Shepard-Ohta

hey sleepy baby

Rachael is a boss mama to three! And she is the founder and owner of Hey Sleepy Baby. Rachael has experience as an early and special education teacher, before leaving the field to become a Sleep & Well Being Specialist. Rachael felt the pressure, and the sleep deprivation, that comes with having a baby and losing sleep. After all the time lost on hyper focusing on getting her baby to sleep, she found passion in helping other moms not live out the same fate.

Following her passion, Rachael continued her own education to obtain a Holistic Sleep Certification, Circle of Security Parenting, continued professional development with the Neufeld Institute, The Possums Clinic, and Bebo Mia to become a Certified Breastfeeding Educator. Rachael is a one of a kind, well rounded, sleep specialist. Rachaels approach is not based off of sleep training methods, but focuses on relationship and development. Hey Sleepy Baby is tailored to get to your baby’s sleep disturbances, so that you can address any underlying issues.

Hey Sleepy Baby has a variety of services so that you can find one that best suits you! The one on one consultations open you up to a team of experts in infant sleep, feeding & developmental psychology. There are different levels of support in this consultation such as a confidence call to a comprehensive package. There is also a follow up reassurance call for past clients that need some help as your baby transitions.

With all the extensive support through this business, here are too many courses and guides to list so you will just have to go check them out! Between guides for purchase or for free, there are subjects such as crib & floor bed sleep guide, night weaning workshop, surviving the 4-month sleep progression, and so so much more. There is even more information on their blog!

If sleep training methods don't feel right to you, maybe Hey Sleepy Baby is worth checking out! There will be no crying it out here, just a comfortable understanding of your baby's sleep needs. Don't let societal pressures stress you out about your baby's sleep habits. And don't live sleep deprived longer than you must! Check out Hey Sleepy Baby's details below! Keep following Fiorente by Zane for more mama resources!

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