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Gugu Guru & Mom Creators: Founded by Monica Banks

gugu guru

Monica is THE boss mama of all boss moms. She is the founder of Mom Creators and Gugu Guru. Monica is the ultimate mom to mom support system as she helps moms connect with brands and other sources to create user generated content for income.

Gugu Guru and Mom Creators go hand in hand and are unique businesses because they offer content exclusively in the motherhood space. It is by moms for moms. Heyyyy, us too!

Monica helps connect moms with brands that will pay them to create videos about their products to post on their site. Gugu Guru helps establish a foundation and assists with niche selection, pitches, negotiating and more. The best part is that these are all mom influenced products.

If you are a creator, there are a few avenues you can take through Gugu Guru. There is a free program to help you build community and familiarize yourself with UGC. In addition, there are two paid opportunities for either start ups creators or management of an established content creator. The focus of Gugu Guru is to help moms utilize marketing in media to make an income!

Gugu Guru also welcomes brands to their business to be promoted by their creators. You can choose a DIY approach where you work with a specific content creator or there is an all done for you approach. This is not influencer marketing. However, many of the content creators have a large following and we all know the benefit in that!

If you are a creative mom, or brand, and are looking to increase your income, seek out Monica and her team! We live in a media driven society. For moms and brands, what better way to advertise your products than Gugu Guru. It has access to such opportunities.

Gugu Guru also has their own blog, Sage. Sage is a baby product recommendation resource for parents. They have researched products and are sharing this information through their posts. All three areas of this business are excellent resources for moms.

We may have a product in development over here at Fiorente by Zane and I certainly have my prospects set on Monica and her team of creators. Check out all information below! And keep following Fiorente by Zane for more mama resources!

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