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Devon Kuntzman: Founder of Transforming Toddlerhood.

Devon serves many roles in her life as a wife and mother, including being the owner and founder of Transforming Toddlerhood. This business mama has an expertise in little ones' behavior from her earlier nannying days, to now an ICF certified coach along side a degree in psychology. She wants to help parents partner with their children to get through the "daunting" toddlerhood years.

Transforming Toddlerhood approaches parenting with positive tools that are meant to work with your child's developmental behavior, not against it. Think; getting to the root of the behavior, connecting emotionally, and redefining discipline. No longer using the term "terrible twos" and embracing the chance to work with your child as they develop.

There are many different pathways to apply this approach within Transforming Toddlerhood. Devon offers 1:1 coaching, a starter guide, workshops, and an annual conference. Parenting classes include things such as toddler meets baby, or the dreaded TANTRUMS. There are free downloads, you can subscribe for toddler tips, or check out their social networks for more support. As every child is unique, so is your journey as a family through the toddler years. There is an option for everyone.

Parenting is hard for so many reasons. Don't let the "terrible" toddler stage get you down. Devon and Transforming Toddlerhood are the perfect resource to help you meet your child where they are developmentally and give you the confidence of knowing you are, in fact, doing a good job! We could all use more of that!

If you have babies, you will going through the toddler years in no time! If you are in the thick of it, its me, grab this resource for help. Childhood is so fleeting. Make the most of enjoying the time you can in all of their phases. Info below!

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