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Angela Fritz is Bebe PT

bebe pt

Welcome, Angela, PT, DPT, PCS! The owner of Bebe PT. Angela is just starting out on her motherhood journey but has the experience of handling babies professionally in all different settings. Angela currently works at Seattle Children’s Hospital on the infant team and runs her business, Bebe PT. Angela recognizes each babies uniqueness and helps develop a plan to help them thrive!

Bebe PT offers zoom developmental consultations with Angela, to get individualized support for your little one. This is not a diagnostic or evaluation session. Angela uses the meetings to educate caregivers, allow the chance for parents to ask questions, and to recognize each child's unique needs. Angela will go over how to best support your baby on their developmental journey.

Another aspect of care that Angela offers through Bebe PT is "Bebe PT at Home". This service is a series of videos to support your baby during the first year of life. Broken down into 4 three month increments, you can purchase one video at a time or together as a bundle. Learn how to best play and move your baby to suite their developmental needs by age.

Bebe PT's blog is a gold mine of physical therapy information. There are resources on best baby items, get your baby walking, having a baby in the NICU, and so much more! The useful information doesn't end there, check out their instagram for fun, education content. If you are in need of a virtual, PT session, check out Bebe PT! All contact information below. Keep following Fiorente by Zane for more mama resources!

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