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Fiorente; Adjective. thriving, flourishing. blooming, prosperous. 

financial freedom with fiorente

Learn & Earn Profits Online Digital Marketing Course

The course I took to save time and learn the skills I needed to be successful I can now share with you!  You can do this too and earn 100% profit!


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We feel so strongly about this course and want to give all mamas an opportunity to learn high income skills.  We know that $497 can be a financial burden for a mom trying to make money from home.  We want to help alleviate that burden.  Amazon has everything!  So while you are getting your systems up and ready, we hope to help with some financial needs until you start earning with your online business!

Online Digital Marketing Course
Master Resell Rights
100% Profit!

As a motherhood, lifestyle brand, we thrive on supporting other moms.  We want to share the opportunity with others to learn how to not only successfully market online, but create a thriving business for themselves and their families.  This Roadmap course highlights digital products, but the framework can be used for any product or online business, we are an example!
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Join Our Community &
Take the Course
In the online marketing world, this is a relatively smaller scaled community, which I believe to be much more supportive.  Learn how to effectively create a brand, digital products, marketing, funnels, create email campaigns, and more.  This course helps beginners or marketing masters start up their own business successfully.  
financial freedom fiorente
Develop Your Products
and/or Businesss
Whether you are creating digital products, physical products, or launching with just selling this course alone, our community is here to help.  Once you have completed the course, get to work on starting your business, creating your funnels, being present on social media, and growing closer to success!  Financial freedom is only a few steps away.  
roadmap to riches digital marketing course
Sell Your Products &
Master Resell Rights Course
You have resell rights to this course.  So let it work for you!  You are now a knowledgable business owner, that was the first investment.  Now invest in yourself further by reselling the online Roadmap Digital Marketing course.  You gain 100% of the profits.  And just like us, you are helping others be successful and create change in their lives.  

The Digital Marketing Course Includes Everything You Need to Start a Thriving Digital Marketing Business!


  • A comprehensive business, marketing and automation course with over 140 in-depth, easy to follow modules with a complete beginner in mind!


  • Lifetime access to ongoing course updates & community support with absolutely no monthly fees or charges!


  • An in-demand digital product- THE COURSE ITSELF! Done for you and ready to be sold for 100% profit! That profit always goes directly to you because the course becomes yours!


  • BONUS! I will send you your very own digital e-book on how to create your own digital product to sell! In addition, you will receive a business guide template to help organize your start!











Absolutely no upsells ever!  

Read How Our Members Feel About Our Course!


"Launched my funnel less than 24 hours ago and I'm already turning a profit. This product is amazing!! Thank you for making it so easy to sell and beginner-friendly. I'm not a beginner but many of my clients are so that's an excellent selling point. And they will learn high-income skills in addition!"


"I can't express how grateful I am for Zack & Hannah creating this MRR course!! I launched my own community with the course just like they did and I have made $3,650 so far this week! What a blessing to have stumbled upon this amazing opportunity!"


"I am about two weeks in and I have learned so much! I am truly grateful for this community and the skills that I am learning to apply to my everyday life. I believe that this is what I needed to get my ecommerce business to the next level. The digital marketing strategies are invaluable! I am so grateful for the chance I took on myself. Now its time to CRUSH IT!"

A Little About Me

My name is Briana Zane

I am the creator and owner Fiorente by Zane, a motherhood, lifestyle brand.  I have the best husband and partner in raising two wild little boys.  I started in the online business world creating digital products on Etsy.  At the time, I was working from home as a triage nurse and essentially felt like a stay at home mom, which was HARD.  Designing and selling digital products online was a great creative outlet for me.  After recent public events around postpartum depression and seeing acquaintances posting about their experiences, I felt compelled to create something that had a greater impact on the world, specifically moms.  I experienced significant postpartum depression, periods of psychosis, and DMER with my first son.  This led me to thinking, what would I have found helpful during that difficult time?  So I started with a postpartum journal and then it spiraled into the motherhood brand I now own, Fiorente by Zane.  In the beginning it was hard starting my own business with two littles at home.  SEO, the algorithms, how much should I spend on ads?  It was a lot and took up a lot of time trying to figure it out on my own, I needed help.  So I found this digital marketing course, and the fact I could then resell the program to help other mamas change their own futures?  Sold.  Especially for stay at home moms, the loss of income and lack of career fulfillment can take an impact on one's mental health.   So why not share this digital course that can be resold by other mamas, benefitting their families too!  There is enough space for all of us.  At the moment, I have three journals in production: pregnancy, postpartum, and nicu.  I have also designed them into digital products.  I run a blog of resources for moms, those resources consist of mother owned businesses.  My mission is to encourage moms supporting one another and creating a better world for our children.  


If you want to check out our products or blog, follow the link to our site!  

  • What does Fiorente mean?
    Fiorente is the Italian word for bloom, grow, flourish. I chose this word for our brand because I think back to when I first started this journey into motherhood and how much I have grown. Yes I am Italian. But more importantly, I was in Italy newly pregnant with my first baby when the realization of being a mother started to sink in. And from there happened growth, blossoming, flourishing. Fiorente.
  • How long does shipping take?
    Our shipping time ranges from 2-5 days depending on your distance from our shipping location, most commonly 2 days. We will ship out your product within 24 hours of ordering. Tracking information will be sent accordingly. Click for more information on our shipping policy.
  • Do you accept returns?
    We accept returns within 14 days of the item being delivered. Items have to be whole, meaning tags intact. If the item is damaged, please notify us right away. Please see our returns page for more information.
  • What are your payment options?
    We currently accept most credit cards. The options for payment are posted below.
  • Do you have a storefront?
    We do not have a storefront. Being a mom is my priority, business owner is second. I believe being fully online allows me to spend the most time raising my children as opposed to traveling to a store. Not putting down any mama storefront owners! I just do not see myself living that way in this stage of motherhood. I also do not live in an area where I believe a storefront would be as accessible or successful.
  • What is on your blog?
    For our blog, we have focused on supporting moms through their journey. We have made it full circle, sharing mom owned businesses that offer resources for other moms. It was important to us to create a space that supports success, but also supports the need for help as a mother. We have everything from legal support to dietary needs. Go check it out!

Are you ready to learn high income skills to run an online business AND make 100% profit off resale?

master resell rights course



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