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ZippyMama - Dani Morin


Dani is not only a boss mama but an inspirational one at that. Not only did she have the courage to take on motherhood as a single parent, she tragically lost her first child in a baby product accident at daycare and chooses to share her story. Dani is now a childcare advocate for the state of California in helping make a change for a more safe, quality, and affordable childcare system.

Dani is doing what is best for our children, and also creating a brand to help out us mamas! ZippyMama is a clothing brand designed for pumping or nursing postpartum moms. We have all been there... the covers, the frumpy nursing tops, doing the double tank top trick. Dani has designed a clothing brand that brings us back to basics, and added a zipper! If you know me, you know I love some plain, neutral clothing. And a sweatsuit? I am all in.

Shop on their website to see all the assortments of clothing they offer. From basic tees, jumpsuits, dresses, and more. There is nothing here that lacks comfort or convenience. Not shopping for yourself? You can grab a gift card write off the site! And don't forget to subscribe to their upcoming mama newsletter!

I commend Dani on her entrepreneurship and motherhood journey. She has suffered the greatest loss, has taken on the brave responsibility of raising a child on her own, AND she still has time to be a boss mama and build her brand! As a former breastfeeding mom, and possibly breastfeeding again in the future mom, I appreciate your brand. These nursing friendly clothes are incredible!

If you are tired of being hot and bothered by the covers, hop onto to ZippyMama and check out their nursing wear! Adding all the details below. Don't forget, keep following along to get more mama resources!

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