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The Prenatal Nutritionist, Ryann Kipping.

the prenatal nutritionist

Ryann, MPH, RDN, The Prenatal Nutritionist, is the founder of The Prenatal Nutrition Library. If it's about food, I am in! Ryann helps women make informed, confident decisions about their food intake during pregnancy. Ryann started her journey as a registered dietitian at a government based clinic teaching women about their nutritional needs during pregnancy. After not feeling fully aligned to that role, she decided to leave her position there and moved forward to create The Prenatal Nutrition Library! There is a lot of information out there, and TPNL helps narrow it down!

The Prenatal Nutrition Library is an excellent resource for TTC mamas and already pregnant mothers. Pregnancy demands so much of our bodies, and how you feel during pregnancy can be influenced by what you are putting into your body. Aside from the nutritional value of a pregnancy diet, there are so many claims and hard no's on what to eat and what not to eat. TPNL helps guide you through all this information so that you can eat the best, safest diet for you and your growing baby!

The framework of the The Prenatal Nutrition Library is an app that can be paid for monthly or yearly, all information is also featured on the browser platform. Within this app is an immense amount of resources such as weekly updated topics, forums, topic searches, podcasts, and so much more. With the yearly subscription, or opting to buy it separately, you also get a 60 day meal plan tailored to each semester. Quick guides are offered on specific, common pregnancy topics. Who know there was so much to prenatal nutrition?!

Ryann is backed by a supportive, informative team, helping supply you with the best and most accurate information. Ryann is also a certified lactation educator, so her value in nutritional needs goes beyond pregnancy. On the Prenatal Nutritionist Blog, the team shares information on specific topics such as food sourcing or fulfilling that sweet tooth. One of my favorite features of this company is their cookbook. I have always tried to eat a balanced, healthy diet due to blood sugar issues and I get bored trying to be creative with meals. The Feel Good Pregnancy Cookbook enables moms to do just that, feel good.

As someone who is a very sick pregnant person, I am talking sick everyday from 3.5 weeks til birth, I strongly recognize the value in nutrition. Like I said, I prefer to eat healthy. However, when I am pregnant, and tossing my cookies every few hours, that is really challenging to do. And my body pays for it. Aside from the sickness, I feel terrible. And after giving birth, my body is in such a nutrient deficient state. Prenatal nutrition is so important. Our health starts from the inside, and TPNL helps guide women to make healthier, better choices for their bodies and their baby. I hope that if there is a next pregnancy for me, I will be able to focus on better nutrition and overall better health for myself and any future babies.

If you choose to join TPNL, as a member of The Prenatal Nutrition Library, you are helping support a monthly donation to The National Birth Equity Collaborative. This is a non-profit organization that exists to create transnational solutions that optimize Black maternal, infant, sexual, and reproductive wellbeing. And you know how we feel about moms supporting moms, and going even further!

If you are interested in maximizing your nutrition and taking the best care of your body during pregnancy, give Ryann, The Prenatal Nutritionist, a follow. Ryann's and TPNL's social media pages offer so much value and free information on prenatal nutrition. We will drop all information below on this amazing resource for mamas! Keep following us, Fiorente by Zane, for more mama resources!

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