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Rudie Nudie, Play All Day with Jacqui Siggie

rudie nudie

Jacqui is boss mama and owner of Rudie Nudie. This adorable brand was inspired by first time mom, Jacqui, wanting to allow her child diaper free tummy time. But as any mom knows, diaper free time can mean a total mess. So as the name suits, Rudie Nudie was created!

Rudie Nudie began as a line of waterproof, machine washable play mats for babies. It was advised to Jacqui by one of her nurses to allow diaper free tummy time for her baby. This developmental movement can help to build neck and back strength and range of movement, provides increased sensory stimulation, and can help reduce diaper rash. Jacqui's product can provide moms with peace of mind, free of mess with her play mats.

Since launching in 2018, Rudie Nudie has expanded their product line to accommodate more mama mess free needs! The original waterproof play mat has grown to three different sizes and 8 different designs! With the expansion of sizes, you could use these mats for potty training, feeding time, picnics, sensory play, and so much more! To take along with your picnic blanket, you can purchase a Rudie Nudie large backpack.

Jacqui honors the environment in her work and provides products and packaging that are 100% plastic free and 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Even the mailers are made from compostable plant-based materials. Any products produced that do not hold up to Rudie Nudie standards are donated to a community in need, or sent to upparel for textile recycling. Upon checkout, you can donate to St Kilda Mums or contact them directly if you have goods to donate. Jacqui is not only making products to help moms, but focused a lot of her work on helping the environment and her community.

Rudie Nudie is an Australian based company but can ship outside of that location. If you are interested in Jacqui's products, go through our blog for 10% off your waterproof, machine washable play mat! I am always down to lessen the mess! Check out Rudie Nudie's instagram or online blog for helpful information in this mom game. All information on Rudie Nudie will be listed below! Keep following Fiorente by Zane for more mama resources.

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