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Neha Gandhi Parmar | Studio Amana

Studio Amana

Meet Neha! She is a wife and a mother to two little girls. She did that wild 2 under 2 thing. More power to ya! Neha is the owner and founder of Studio Amana, a home decor company. Not only that, she is the founder of Marigold Paper Press. Neha also uses her platform to blog about postpartum fitness and motherhood.

Studio Amana is a home decor, textile company that utilizes custom hand block prints curated by artisans in India to meet your home's needs. Spoiler alert, she sells scrunchies! She will soon by launching a children's line of clothing and accessories. Studio Amana has such beautiful pieces, request samples to see if they fit in your home!

Marigold Paper Press produces children's activity books, and storybooks as well as gratitude journals and planners for moms. For example, Learn ABC with Indian Food and Culture is a book of hers that helps children connect with their South Asian roots and introduce family foods into their diet. You can find Marigold Paper Press on Amazon. For maternal resources, Neha offers a mother's journal, notebook, and handbook. Writing can be such a powerful tool for self care.

Neha is open when it comes to sharing her life and journey on her social media outlet. Her instagram broadcasts how she balances being a mom and business owner. She shares empowering fitness video, motherhood support, and gives a great insight into Indian culture.

I don't know about you, but I love decor. Spent quite some time scanning Studio Amana's website when I was suppose to be writing this blog post! If you love quality items for your home, be sure to check it out! Neha is obviously a hard working mama, and I love that she brings her culture into everything that she does. Be sure to check out Neha and support her mom owned businesses! Info below!

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