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Hugs for Moms, Created by Caroline Crislip.

Caroline is mom to her baby girl Caia, a wife, and the creator of Hugs for Moms. She is here for moms supporting moms! Caroline is also a pet owner to her dog, Hugs :).

Hugs for Moms is a blog, informational site that shares resources for Postpartum OCD. Caroline is so brave and has opened up to share her story about living with PP OCD. Her goal is to normalize Postpartum OCD as well as bring awareness to what it is.

Hugs for Moms blog includes Caroline's own journey, mentioning even the hardest things to talk about. Being so open and honest is both empowering for other women and therapeutic for herself.

Personally, I suffered from Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex (read about it on our forum) and experienced, what I can only describe as, postpartum psychosis at times. I was terrified. It was not until another mother mentioned her own psychosis symptoms that I was able to even say it out loud. Our body and brains are amazing wonders, but can also cause so much turmoil during this vulnerable period. I can relate so much to what Caroline shares on her blog, I am sure a lot of other moms out there can as well.

If you have or are suffering from Postpartum OCD, take a look at Caroline's blog. To not feel alone if a powerful thing. I hope Caroline can reach as many mommies as possible that need this support and can get the help that they need. Way to go Caroline! Your courage is commendable. And as heavy as this all is, don't worry, her instagram and tiktoks are sure to bring a good laugh! Hugs will be there too!

Take a look below to connect with Caroline! Follow us for more mama resources!

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