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Finding Your Village with Amanda Gorman

Finding your village

Amanda is a wife and mother of two, and founder of Finding Your Village. Just as it sounds, Amanda knows it takes a village to raise these kids! And she wants to be a part of yours. Amanda is a childbirth education mentor and podcast host. Her brand helps women optimize their birthing and child raising experience.

Finding Your Village offers two virtual classes for parents, a 4 days birthing class and a confident new parent class. The birthing class is a coached course to educate moms the best ways to manage labor. The new parent class helps prepare parents for whats to come with the birth of their new baby. Finding Your Village also offers a course for professionals to help them gain clients on their own birth supporting businesses.

The Finding Your Village Podcast focuses on birth, postpartum and parent mental health. Guest speakers, and Amanda herself, speak on topics that challenge parents in the earlier days. There is also a blog on the site that gives more information. You can sign up for the Finding Your Village newsletter and free guides. Amanda helps parents become parents and is a great addition to your village!

Amanda is a mom supporting moms, and has an area on her instagram link and facebook where she collects donations for postpartum support, grieving families, and more. This is the kind of mama you want in your village! All information on Finding Your Village below! Keep following Fiorente by Zane for more mama resources!

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