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Nicole Nyberg is Empowering NICU Parents

empowering nicu parents

Nicole Nyberg, APRN, NNP-BC, is the creator of the brand Empowering NICU Parents. Nicole is not only experienced in this area by profession, but had her own premature baby at 23 weeks. Look at him now! Nicole helps parents navigate the experience of having their baby admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit from the perspective of both a NICU mom and neonatal nurse practitioner.

I worked in the NICU for over 6 years an a nurse. It is an extremely difficult time for all family members involved. In some circumstances, when the infant is extremely ill, there is so much focus on them that supporting the family gets pushed to the back burner. That is where Nicole comes in! Nicole's brand Empowering NICU Parents is such an amazing resources because it can help fill the gap between medical care and emotional care of the family unit.

Nicole has created and offers many resources for Empowering NICU Parents. The Empower NICU Parents Podcast is hosted by Nicole. There she shares medical information and support to her listeners. Nicole also participates in many public speaking events, attends conferences, and has had articles featured in neonatology journals. Speaking of journals, Nicole created her own NICU journal for parents to help them on their journey! It is a great, motivational resource for families, Our NICU Roadmap, found on Amazon!

As a former NICU nurse, I know all too well that we love our crafting and creating for these little miracle babies. And so does Nicole! She designs and sells "crib cards" that are cute, little cards that feature the baby conquering a milestone. For things such as wore my first outfit or had my first bottle. Any NICU parents knows how tremendous these little strides are. If you would like some proud NICU parent merchandise, check out the site to purchase Nicole's designs.

Nicole's Instagram page for Empowering NICU Parents is a powerhouse of information. All the resources above are shared there as well as additional sources of information. The NICU is a traumatic experience. There is help. There are experienced resources like Nicole. She understands from all viewpoints. If you are a NICU mama and need some support reach out to Nicole! All information for Empowering NICU Parents will be listed below. Keep following Fiorente by Zane for more mama resources!

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