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Kimberly English of Copper Knoll Farms

copper knoll farms

Copper Knoll Farms is a unique and inspiring mom-owned business located in southern New Jersey. Founded by Chester and Kimberly, this family-run farm specializes in forest farming, offering a diverse range of products that are all handcrafted and sustainably sourced from their own land. The couple's love for agriculture and nature blossomed during their early dating days spent baling hay and harvesting spinach. After years of dreaming, they finally acquired their farm in 2019.

Chester's background in farming and plant propagation, combined with Kimberly's artistic talents as a painter and photographer, creates a powerful synergy that drives the success of their business. Kimberly's artwork, known as "Kimberly English Art," serves as a means to advocate for farmers and raise funds for young farmer education programs.

At Copper Knoll Farms, they grow and distill twelve varieties of lavender, producing a wide array of lavender-based products that promote stress relief and a deeper connection with nature. Their lavender fields are naturally deer-resistant, making them a perfect fit for their forest farm. In addition to lavender, they also cultivate mushrooms, including oyster and shiitake varieties, responsibly harvesting logs directly from their forested land.

Moreover, Copper Knoll Farms offers fresh and dehydrated elderberries for immune-boosting recipes, all grown without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals. They also provide seasoned firewood, sourced from their sustainable forest management practices, ensuring a renewable energy resource for customers' various needs.

The farm takes pride in their commitment to forest management and wildlife conservation. They follow a Forest Management Plan, actively working to improve and sustain the health of their forest while conserving resources and supporting local wildlife.

In their online store, customers can find an array of farmer favorites, including lavender essential oils, hydrosols, face mists, and lavender-infused body care products. Additionally, they offer unique products like lavender stress balls and lavender eye pillows, perfect for self-care and relaxation.

The farm's blog provides insights into their agricultural journey, wildlife conservation efforts, and hosts events like U-Pick Lavender Nights and Spring Plein Air, where visitors can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Copper Knoll Farms.

With a mission to provide "Forest Grown Goodness for Your Mind, Body & Soul," Copper Knoll Farms embodies the beauty of sustainable agriculture, connecting people with nature and promoting self-care. This mom-owned business serves as an inspiration for other aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to create a meaningful impact while cultivating their passions. Check out all information below and keep following Fiorente by Zane for more mama resources!

Call or Text 856-521-1256

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