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Brandi Flores, Lactation Consultant

Brandi Flores IBCLC

Brandi Flores, LVN, BA, IBCLC, is a mama to four children and a local to San Francisco, California. She is a pediatric nurse, a postpartum doula, as well as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Brandi carries many roles, including boss mama and operates her own Lactation Consultant business. She uses her education and services to provide woman with the postpartum care that they need. Brandi is a proud member of the International Lactation Consultant Association as well as the Bay Area Lactation Consultants.

When Brandi was on her own breastfeeding journey, she realized she did not have the support she truly needed regarding lactation. From this experience, Brandi decided to become an IBCLC.

Brandi believes there are so many families who need support, and a safe place to go to for help, without feeling judged in their feeding journey. With this in mind, she assists in all aspects of lactation support. She now offers virtual and in person consultations for prenatal care, lactation, pumping, and more.

Lactation is such a huge "make or break" time during that fourth trimester. So many women struggle, and ultimately it can have negative mental health effects. Whatever your plans are, get the support that you need with Brandi. Some insurances accepted! Contact information below!

(510) 334-2412

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