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Fiorente; Adjective. thriving, flourishing. blooming, prosperous. 

financial freedom with fiorente

Passive Profit Millionaire

This course is a business-in-a-box, all wrapped up in one product from Millionaire Mindset Mama, Hailey Cunningham!


For a limited time, we will be offering an

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with purchase of either digital marketing course.

We feel so strongly about the courses we offer and want to give all mamas an opportunity to learn high income skills.  We know that the investment can be a financial burden for a mom trying to make money from home.  We want to help alleviate that burden.  Amazon has everything!  So while you are getting your systems up and ready, we hope to help with some financial needs until you start earning with your online business!

Passive Profit Millionaire
Master Resell Rights
100% Profit!

As a motherhood, lifestyle brand, we thrive on supporting other moms.  We want to share the opportunity with others to learn how to not only successfully  create products and market online, but create a thriving business for themselves and their families.  This digital product course highlights creating products and converting them into sales!

Passive Profit Millionaire is an all inclusive course on creating digital products, taking them to market, and making sales!

This course is filled the exact strategies that Hailey Cunningham aka Millionaire Mindset Mama used to make over $450,000 from creating and selling her own digital products in less than 5 months. Not only that, you'll get to resell this very course as your own and pocket 100% of the earnings. Yep, it's like getting all the tools you need to succeed and a business-in-a-box, all wrapped up in one!


Here's a sneak peak:

  • Includes ALL the ESSENTIALS you need to start a thriving digital marketing business in your free time without any experience 

  • All the tips and tricks to succeeding at selling on social media and creating content that converts to actual sales for you!

  • All Hailey Cunningham's personally crafted content along with extensive modules featuring some of her favorite collaborators who are experts in Branding, Shopify, Canva, Pinterest Marketing, Mindset Motivation, and more--including myself!

  • Entry to our Passive Profit Millionaire community and unlock unlimited lifetime access to all forthcoming modules that we add in the future with no monthly fees or upsell charges! (Did I mention we will keep adding material for you and your customers!?)

  • NOT ONLY THAT - it's a complete DONE-FOR-YOU digital product ready for you to resell for 100% profit that is all YOURS. If you're having a hard time picking a profitable niche, creating the right product OR you don't have a transformation story or social proof for the product you're selling - this is for you! 

FREE Social Media Branding Guide with purchase!



No! This is a one-time purchase with no upsells. You pay once for this and your customers pay you directly and all profit is 100% yours! 



YES! Passive Profit Millionaire comes with Master Resale Rights which means you can resell this product and you make 100% of of the profit with every sale!



No! It is yours to teach and sell to other but Passive Profit Millionaire is a course in and of itself that will teach you how to create, brand, and sell your own product, in whatever industry that might be. It teaches you profitable skills to make money online, no matter what you're passionate about!


For detailed breakdowns of our Agreements associated with Passive Profit Millionaire such as Licensing Agreement, Distribution Rights, Terms and Conditions and more, please visit our Agreements page here. By purchasing you are acknowledging consent of agreement.


Once you purchase, you will be taken a registration page where you will enter your name and e-mail to register for free on the main portal of Passive Profit Millionaire.

Absolutely no upsells ever!  

A Little About Me

My name is Briana Zane

I am the creator and owner Fiorente by Zane, a motherhood, lifestyle brand.  I have the best husband and partner in raising two wild little boys.  I started in the online business world creating digital products on Etsy.  At the time, I was working from home as a triage nurse and essentially felt like a stay at home mom, which was HARD.  Designing and selling digital products online was a great creative outlet for me.  After recent public events around postpartum depression and seeing acquaintances posting about their experiences, I felt compelled to create something that had a greater impact on the world, specifically moms.  I experienced significant postpartum depression, periods of psychosis, and DMER with my first son.  This led me to thinking, what would I have found helpful during that difficult time?  So I started with a postpartum journal and then it spiraled into the motherhood brand I now own, Fiorente by Zane.  In the beginning it was hard starting my own business with two littles at home.  SEO, the algorithms, how much should I spend on ads?  It was a lot and took up a lot of time trying to figure it out on my own, I needed help.  So I found this digital marketing course, and the fact I could then resell the program to help other mamas change their own futures?  Sold.  Especially for stay at home moms, the loss of income and lack of career fulfillment can take an impact on one's mental health.   So why not share this digital course that can be resold by other mamas, benefitting their families too!  There is enough space for all of us.  Then came along this course on how to create and land sales with those digital products, the two together, its a mastermind.  So I will continue on my journey of creating digital products and creating my physical journals.  At the moment, I have three journals in production: pregnancy, postpartum, and nicu.  I have also designed them into digital products.  I run a blog of resources for moms, those resources consist of mother owned businesses.  My mission is to encourage moms supporting one another and creating a better world for our children.  


If you want to check out our products or blog, follow the link to our site!  

Are you ready to learn how to create digital products AND make 100% profit off resale?

master resell rights course



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